It's a time when STEM students struggle for a high GPA only to find it is a modest achievement after graduating, especially for these studying Computer Science. We are trapped inside this GPA first system, and there's no hope of getting out.

We can't persuade everyone to be involution rebels, but we can at least explore all the possibilities together.

That's why we established WISE, a tech community dedicating to knowledge sharing. The general rule is that we won't touch content covered by the standard courses only for the grades or it would defeat our initial purpose. Real-world usage and the latest tech innovation are what we care about and share, and these are the inspiring things motivating us to move forward. From cryptocurrencies to machine learning, we proactively provide the audience with the latest tech concepts and real-world applications.

Furthermore, whether you are award-winning developers, researchers working on cutting edge technologies, or just students with passion and confidence to share your exceptional insight, you are all welcomed to join us as speakers in our regular online gatherings.

For contact information, please visit here.